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St Lawrence

Ship: 1094 tons Captain: Johnson RNR Surgeon Superintendent: Dr. Joseph T Pattisson
Sailed Plymouth 22 May 1874 - arrived Lyttelton 30 August 1874

Marx Voss and Maren Nielson came to New Zealand on the St Lawrence as sngle persons.

In the passenger list, Marx is listed as Voss, Marx, aged 24; Alton; Labourer Maren is simply listed as Nielson, Maren, aged 20. No occupation is given for her, though it is for many of the other single women.

This was another voyage where many infants perished; eight of the 44 children aged two and under died of diarrhoea between the first of June and the 9th of August 1874. Mrs M. McPherson, aged 34, was the Matron on board, and Dr. Joseph T. Pattisson the Surgeon Superintendant.


(Reference: Copyright Denise & Peter 2000: New Zealand National Archives Reference IM15/134) Note: According to Denise and Peter, the ship sailed on the 22nd May from Plymouth and arrived in Lyttelton on the 30th of August 1874. I think this is information from the passenger list.

Marx Voss came to New Zealand on the St Lawrence, and Maren Nielsen was apparently also on the ship though they were not married until later. (Below, a photograph of the St Lawrence in 1861)


St Lawrence, 1094 tons, Captain Johnston (sic), RNR, sailed 19th May, arrived 29th August, bringing 412 immigrants. This ship was chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company and aarrived on the same day as the Cathcart. A vast difference of the build of this vessel and the Cathcart was quite apparent when they dropped anchor, the former being a modern clipper and the latter one of the old freight-built ships used in by-gone days for the conveyance of troops. The bulwarks were nine feet high. The immigrants came out in charge of Mrs McPherson; the surgeon-superintendent being Dr Pattison (sic).
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett (vol. 2)